Love & Life's Reflections

Life of Lucille Vitamvas
October 5,1925 - July 20, 2009

My mother lived her life as an example of the Proverbs 31 wife (Proverbs 31:10-31). She showed love, patience, kindness, tenderness, was a peacemaker, protector of the family, kept busy at home (reading, ceramics, knitting, sewing, restoring old furniture), was wise with managing money (saving and investing) and always maintained a positive attitude-no matter what happened she always believed things would get better.

Many of these values and principles were passed down to her by her parents:Roy and Maggie Metheny, whom I love very much...

Ode To Lucille

If I could repay in part
the love and trust and faith, that you
have given so unselfishly
from deep within your heart
then I would know eternal peace

Alas tis not--the price you pay
is measured nor by rule and tape
but rather by un-earthly pain
that solely eats your heart away
The Devil's wrath do I unleash.

I offer this to you, my love
as token of my gratitude.
I know of no wealth can 'er replace
this earned reward you'll find above
Eternal Peace

John William Vitamvas
Copyright 2004 John William Vitamvas
The inspiration for the poem. This explains the true meaning of the wedding vows.
"This is dedicated to my wife of 57 years, who has given me her enduring love thru many time of hardship, insecurity and four children. yet she never faltered in our marriage. it was composed in 1949 by a world war II vet and ex-pow, who would have fallen by the wayside except for her strength and guiding love."

Evening Breeze

Evening breeze, across the sea
you follow in the wake of day
and softly brush my cares away.
How welcome after burning sun
and bleaching winds,
have dimmed my view, of hopes
and dreams that can"t xcome true

Evening breeze, with fall of night
you turn the key, and open wide
the door to me, and beckon to
the land of peace. And as I pass into
the night, the doors swing closed
and life is through.
I did not know my rights and wrongs
I did as I believed; until you came for me
Oh Evening Breeze

John William Vitamvas
Copyright 2004 John William Vitamvas

Perhaps Tomorrow

For what one toils his life away? If earthly
cashe should be our goal, tis odd we leave
reward untouched when death our name upon
it's scroll strikes out.

If rich belief and servitude should be
Littoral aim, then why does God tend
Sorcerer, who takes his name in vain?

Perchance; another cause exists, reserved for
man of later date. When they have learned
to know themselves, then side by side
they'll choose their fate.

John William Vitamvas
Copyright 2004 John William Vitamvas


If mundane thoughts shall be our guide
and we secumb to temptest"s past
Then we clasp not, for which we tried
Our goals recede as we advance

If wisdom be...the path we choose
and trial and tribulation meet
Then shall our course be tried and true
Our journey"s end shall we complete

Shalt man allow his wisdom grow
bout universe and science and natural law
To only rise and fall again
cause he himself..he failed to know?

John William Vitamvas
Copyright 2004 John William Vitamvas

Upon A Beech

Upon a beech, alone one day
I sat in dreamy thought
and pondered, could the sea but speak
of life so long forgot

Of blackman sold, and chained to hold
with chanting filled the night
When sorm lashed seas would claim the craft
and justify their right

Of cities proud, and people free
of Empires vast and strong
Struck down by war on land and sea
how can you right this wrong?

With earthly rights so crucified
How can you live let live
From blackened depths the answer came
Forget Forgive, forget Forgive.

John William Vitamvas
Copyright 2004 John William Vitamvas

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