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Faces of Adoption Looking to adopt children? Check out this site.

South Carolina Department of Social Services Adoption Services You can view children up for adoption in SC

Adoption Guidelines and Steps to Adoption For the state of SC

SOUTH CAROLINA COUNCIL ON ADOPTABLE CHILDREN View SC children up for adoption. You can either choose to browse the list or search the list by specific criterias (age, race, health status, etc)

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse Comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption.
NAIC Parent's page links of interest for couples planning to adopt.

Adoption Links More valuable links on adoption related information. on Adoption Good site with lots of links and information.

South Carolina Council On Adoptable Children Site give information on adoption & links to view the kids for adoption

South Carolina DSS Provides information on adoption and other DSS services.

Adoption Links There's a bunch of links here.

American Association of Open Adoption Agencies

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A new look at adoption Being Adopted only means that I grew in mommy's heart rather than her tommy. Online adoption course.

World-Wide Family Genealogy & Adoption Services Center

Adoption Network A very large site on adoption.

Americans for Open Records - Internet Adoption Resourc

ADOPTION BOOK CATALOG-Topics Index international adoption, child adoption, adopt, China adoption, Russian adoption, Chinese adoption, adopting, private adoption, infertility.

Adoption Network

Adoption Agencies and Facilitators

Legal forms including adoption.


World-Wide Family Genealogy and Adoption Search Center

Adopt International

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

Adopt Adoption Assistance for Adoptive Parents looking to adopt for domestic adoption, international adoption, special needs adoptions.

National Association of Ethical Adoption Professionals

Chosen Children Actually this site is against adoption due to the effects of removing the children from their biological families.

The author of this site shares about her experience loosing her children & reunited with her son. She does have some valid points to consider. However many adoptions do actually result in a much better situation for the children. I personally know of 2 boys who were adopted by a very loving and supportive family who worked extremely well together to help the boys to overcome their "inherited handicaps" and have overcome all expectations. I know these boys would not have even come near their current acheivements in all areas if they were to remained with their biological family.
The author shared this with me "CBS-60 Minutes did a segment about "designer babies" outcomes. They interviewed a "donor offspring" who voiced the same complaint that many adoptees express--that he felt pressured to meet expectations (in his case, to be as gifted as his specially selected anonymous genius sperm donor) -- rather than that he felt loved no matter how he turned out and that he is respected for his differences rather than endeared only by how he convinces his adopters he is the same as if born to them (a pressure many adoptees say they feel). Like many adoptees, in the case of the donor offspring on 60 Minutes, he purposely repressed inherited natural talents of his genius-musician sperm donor father he could never know but that he was expected to emulate. Every adoptee has these types of issues and reacts to them in as wide a variety of ways as an abused child might, since each has his/her own unique coping ability. Those who are more fragile or have suffered multiple abuses (adoption secrecy/abandonment issues plus physical/sexual and other abuses) are at even more at risk, as the adoptees in "Chosen Children" demonstrate. Just adding your love is not going to erase damage already done or compounded by adoption under state secrecy laws. If you love the children you adopt, you won't expect them to live in denial of what was done to them by the adoption system."

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