Real meaning in your life is found in the glorious dawn of God's story,
which breaks into full revelation in the Person of Jesus Christ!
What an astounding truth!
What a life changing message!

BECAUSE He emptied Himself of all but love, you can be filled.
BECAUSE His body was broken, your life can be whole.
BECAUSE His blood was shed, your sin can be forgiven.
BECAUSE He finished His Father's work, your life has worth.
BECAUSE He was forsaken, you will never be alone.
BECAUSE He was buried, you can be raised.
BECAUSE He lives, you don't have to be afraid.
BECAUSE He was raised, you can be strong.
BECAUSE He reached down to you, you don't have to work your way up to Him.
BECAUSE His promises are always true, you can have Hope!

--Ann Graham Lotz