Thanks for your email. I have also notices a sensitivity to the air polution. I need to use an inhaler for my allergies. My symptoms are sinus headaches and also a cough, a combination of what sounds like a smokers cough(I don't smoke though) and a choking cough. As far as sensitivities, oh my goodness.....I have been getting very depressed and very emotional lately. I have just developed something on my gland that the primary did not feel before. I think the endocrinologist called it a goiter??? As far as cognitive problems - I have been experiencing alot. It has been getting pretty bad, because it put me in a big financial mess. I think it be beneficial to your site if there are a collection of experiences on symptoms such as what you have done and also beginning stages of hypothyroidism (before anything shows on tests) through recovery. I did not see the results or anything on your site from your test results in July. How did everything go? Take care. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Dianna