Family Dynamics

The family unit is the backbone of society. If the family unit is weak then the community is disorganize and incohesive resulting in a problematic society. This is what you often see in the world today. It seems that people are more concerned about other things which take away from the family. As a result the family suffers. There is little love, emotional support and encouragement among people today. Many feel they have to watch out for themselves. This is partly due to the fact people don't care for one another nor take the time to care. They are rushed and stressed. No wonder why our bodies complain of so many aches and pains, both physical and emotional. This stress leads to all kinds of physical illnesses and syndromes.

Anyway I want to add links here for encouragement to the families to help parents and children think about what they can do to strengthen their family unit. If you love, encourage, take time to listen and understand your family members this will increase the positive bonds and decrease the emotional hurt and anger. We all need to feel loved, respected, valued, of significance, wanted and needed. The family is the place this should occure first. If this occures in the family then the family members will bring it into the community.
I do hope and pray that these links are helpful in strengthening your family bond.

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