Integrity Options

Every day of our lives we make decisions.

We decide to ACT on our circumstances

or we decide to REACT to our circumstances.

We decide to find the good in every situation - Even if it takes some thinking,

or we decide to dwell only on the bad.

It is easy to find the good and ACT on our circumstances when all is well with the universe. The rent is paid, we love our job, our family is fantastic, our computer runs every program perfectly and we have the best friendships in the world.

We all have days like this on occasion but the reality of life is challenges will come our way.

Some of us will run into a few more challenges than others.

Even when we can't pay the rent, our best friend told us where to get lost, our family is feuding, we just got fired or lost our business, we don't even want to look at the check book, our computer is fried and on top of all that our car just blew up and we broke our leg coming home.

This is where we have to decide to ACT on or REACT to our circumstances

No matter what the circumstances we still have a choice

We can decide to ACT on our circumstances Never give up and find the good in every situation.

Or we can REACT to our circumstances and be defeated.

The good we find can be something as simple as blue sky, a little dream for the future, our pet dog or cat, the beauty of the landscape or any little thing will do as long as we keep hope.

It is OK to get knocked down, unless we live in a different universe without problems chances are it will happen a few times during our lives.

It is not OK to stay down, that is what makes the difference between an ultimately successful person and a failure -- the person who keeps getting up and somehow finds the good in every situation.

The successful person realizes no one can do it alone and it is ok to ask for help and support.

One of the best things in the universe is the exchange of friendship.

The successful person realizes that at the end of our life long journey, the questions asked are not likely to be how much money did you make? How big was your empire?

What part of the world economy did you control?

The questions are more likely to be, who's life did you influence? What did you do with the life you were given?

How many people did you help?

What difference did you make in the world?

Money is a means to do things with not an end.

Every day of our lives each of us makes decisions to ACT on or REACT to our circumstances and those constant decisions make us who we are and who we will become.

The decision you make today is up to you.

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