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I have added this page for those who like to take personality tests, IQ tests and generally wouldn't mind being a ginea pig for a research study (been there, done that, got some free stuff & check). The links listed below are just for fun and maybe learn a little more about yourself (at least at this moment). Your personality and IQ does change and can change more than what the "experts" may say. (been there,....) Anyway this is just a place for the psychology minded or absent minded can explore, learn & play around. Any tests you might find will reveal where you are at, at the moment you take the test. If you don't think the scores can change come back again in a few months & take the tests again. If your scores stay the same then you know you are likely the people the "experts" use in their control group. If your score changes a lot then we can relate. We make life interesting because God made us to create some variety and challenge to the "experts". We prove the "experts" are wrong in some people. Oh well. Have fun. If you take this stuff too seriously seek professional help.
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Seize the day. Never have regrets. And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family, for they have helped make you the person that you are today.

Personality Insights get a full personality assessment, try our Discovery Reports - This is one personality test that everyone passes! After a short assessment, you will receive a 41-page report that reveals your strengths, what motivates you, how you work best on a team, how to relate better with other people and much more. We also have many books, charts, videos and other resources in our online store.

Jungian Personality Type Test: Find Your Type

Personality Colors Test

Colorgenics Another color personality test.

Shape Test Another personality test.

Enneagram Personality test explaination Describes the 9 personality types.

Type A Personality Test - Revised "Want to know if your personality is bad for your health? Go to the new completely revamped Type A Personality Test and find out! Type A characteristics have been linked to an increased risk for coronary heart disease and cancer. Your score will tell you whether you have the characteristic traits of a Type A, Type B, or Type C person, and how these inclinations may be affecting your life. Free simplified results will give you your Type A score and a brief interpretation of what it means." Take the test for free online. What's you personality type?

E/Harmony Relationship expert Dr. Neil Clark Warren has shown that successful couples start out by understanding themselves. Get a free personality profile to learn more about yourself and see who's compatible with you.

Team Roles Test "What role do you play when part of a team? Are you a Cheerleader, a Thinker or a Questioner? Why not take the new Team Roles Test. Free simplified results will reveal your most prominent team role, what this means in practical terms and what are the pros and cons.

What's your IQ? It's a fun test but apparently it does have it's glitches occasionally in the sense of giving a false high score. Can I join mensa? Who says IQ scores fluxuate only by 5 points? How about 62 points?

The Ultimate IQ Test "Ready to see how smart you are? IQ tests are the standard way to measure intelligence. And Emode's world-famous Ultimate IQ Test is the most thorough and insightful IQ Test you can take online. It's free, it's private and it's developed by PhDs. Don't miss out! Get your 15-page, scientifically valid report at the end of the test. Good luck!" After checking out this test, you can take any of a bunch of other types of tests. The site for the ultimate test taker.

Another IQ test Take this one & compare results. My education was on this stuff. I know what the text book says but I also know what experience says also. Incongruency?

Another IQ test You have to write the answers down on a sheet of paper then compare your answers to the correct answers. They say to allow 40 minutes. If you have that much time to kill, go for it.

An unusually hard IQ test Do you think you're too smart? Take this one & see how MR you are. FYI an IQ score of 70 or below is considered mentally retarded. Hey, if any of you special ed teachers take this stuff too seriously I got a masters from the local state university and I scored 57 while on the top IQ test I scored 169. So what's my IQ? It apparently depends on which test I take and the day of the month. You can't put too much stake in these things.

What's your emotional IQ This is actually the most important factor. Seriously if you test low in this I'ld encourage you to do some soul searching and seek ways to improve this score. The other tests are for intertainment or self discovery and the scores don't guarantee success or failure but this one does have a greater impact on success in interpersonal relationships.

RealAge What's your biological age? Take the RealAge test to check your real age. Site gives information & various disease risk assessments to help you make choices to improve your health and reduce your risk of disease. Also provides Tips of the Day.
"The Perfect Night's Sleep
Are you dozing too much or too little? Making sure that you get the perfect amount of sleep may help keep you young. Recent research points to the importance of balance when it comes to sleep and your health. In a study of women, those who got too little or too much sleep were more likely to develop heart disease compared to those who got an appropriate amount of sleep. Aim for about 8 hours of sleep each night.
RealAge Benefit: Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night can make your RealAge as much as 3 years younger."

Test your Response time! "Can you beat our top score of .16 seconds?"

PsychTests.Com "tests, tests, tests ... Welcome to PsychTests's battery of original psychological tests, scored online in real time." All kinds of psychological tests you can take for free. World’s largest testing center! 89 professionally developed and validated psychological tests, 108 Just-for-Fun tests, 225 mind games and quizzes ... Queendom has it all! A pioneer and leader in online testing, Queendom has served more than 250 million tests in nine different languages to help you grow, jump-start your career and improve your relationships." Yes, there's such a site for those who are bored. Lots of various links to sites for those who don't have anything better to do.

Arse I am Another site with interesting things to check out when you don't have anything else to do right now & want to send some interesting things to your email friends.

RUMOR MILL NEWS Do you want to spread some rumors? Don't talk about your coworkers, friends or family members. Don't even talk about your enemies. Say a prayer for them, then check out this site to get some gossip to spread. It'll add more variety to your conversations and make you a more interesting person. Plus you may be the first person to innitiate putting an end to the "grapevine" and hurt feelings in your circle of people. Give it a try.

TechnoScout Need some high tech toys?

Wall Printing "A website set up by Wall Printing to help people in the Christian music industry reach others, through print, for Christ." Or you can use your free time to start or expand your business like my brother & his father-in-law did.

Brain quiz "Your brain is amazing — Did you know that? An incredibly complex system, it is the control room of your body. This quiz tests your IQ when it comes to knowing about that all-important "gray matter."

Are you close to burn out? Do you work for the DMH? Anyway jobs can be stressful but not all jobs have equal amounts of stress for everyone. Again if you rate near burnout do some soul searching and consider getting some help in learning to reduce the stress in your life. Believe me stress can trigger dorminate health problems which you may be predisposed to. You definitely do not want to trigger any fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Many sufferers of these conditions are on disability and in constant pain. Personally I try to avoid pain. What about you?

Exercise Quotient Back to the non serious side. If I took this I know I'ld fail this one for sure. Hey, I failed the stress test in the CFS/FM twin study in Seattle WA and I was the healthy twin!(phase 1) Actually I discovered they didn't turn on the air to the tube I had to breath with. In phase 2 they turned on the air. (yes, Murphy's Law happens in research too.)

How ethical are you? "As our minds develop throughout life, our moral decision-making ability also matures. Or does it? In this quiz you address the same kind of ethical problems psychologists use to research what stage of moral development a person has reached in life. This quiz is like a maze - make the appropriate answers and you can move to the next level." I got this from an email from my sister.
Want a cat?

"What Have I Chosen?" Explore the value of innocence in the choices you make daily, and clarify what your past has to spontaneously offer you.

"How Do I Mean?" Discover how meaning emerges from consciousness, and see your power to create meaning arbitrarily.

The Love Test: The Four Dimensions of Sexual Styles Are you dating or engage? Are you ready to think about another relationship? This test may give some useful information or it may not. Anyway it sounded good.

"Singing Your Self." Find out the difference between thinking a thought and listening to a thought.

Charlotte Chess Club How about a nice game of Chess?

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