Beauty lies in the
eyes of the beholder

This is a very unique looking dog which if dogs speak like humans would more than likely get teased and ridiculed about his appearance. Look at his long narrow snoat and apparent lack of ears. Strange looking? Cute? Ugly? Well God made him just like God has made all of his creation. This dog, like most dogs (and other pets) bring a lot of love to his family.

We all have something about us that others may view as strange or even offensive however God may use it in order to reach out to others. In my work, I see children frequently who are teased and rejected by their peers because of a birth defect, body size, speech impediment or anything that makes them "look different" from the other children. If this "difference" is not "fixed" or the child does not become "accepted" then unfortunately the child develops a negative self image. This negative self image continue into adulthood as a "pet peave" or "an issue". Either way deep down this caused an emotional scar and deep wound which may never go away.

How can we use our deep emotional wounds and scars to help others? Only when we begin to take a different outlook on our past (or present) experiences. We learn to look for what we can get out of the experience to better ourselves and others. This is how many support groups have started. Through our experiences we can learn how to live life better, be more loving and understanding of others, and rely more on God rather than ourselves or someone else who will eventually disappoint us.

Why did I include this page here? Maybe it will help someone who is experiencing depression look for something to get out of the current experience. I strongly believe God has a purpose for everything and we can come out stronger when we face a difficult situation. However God gives us a free will and leave the decision up to us. No I don't always think he should but he does.

What does this have to do with the strange looking dog? Well, look at him. He probably would be rejected and feel depressed because of his strange appearance but because he is a dog he does not have to worry about his appearance. We all would benefit from learning to accept others and our own differences and view these unique characteristics as positive traits.

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