The Third Man

Last night I dreamed I took a walk up Calvary's
lonely hill, The things I saw with my own eyes
could not have been more real.

I saw upon three crosses three men in agony;
Two cried out for mercy...but the third man
just looked at me.

Oh, the pain in this man's eyes broke my heart
in two! It seemed I could hear the third man say:
"I'm doing this for you."

I knelt beneath the third mean's cross, and slow-
ly bowed my head, I reached out to touch his feet,
and it stained my hand's with red.

And when I heard him cry in pain, I raised my eyes
to see; Blood spilled from the third man's side...
and some of it spilled on me.

The third man wore a crown of thorns, spikes held
him to the tree, I heard him cry, "My God, My God,
why hast thou forsaken me?"

And those who mocked him cried, " Thyself
if thou art King!" and then the third man died.

I heard the thunder roll, and saw the lightening
pierce the sky. Then third man was still hanging
there, and I began to cry.

I heard the boulder fall, and saw the breaking of
the ground. And then I awoke, and thou I dreamed;
I touched my cheek And found my eyes were wet where
I had cried.

A DREAM? I wished I knew---I can still hear the
third man say, "I'm doing this for you."

~ Author: Unknown ~