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Communication and love is so important in a marriage relationship. Both the husband and the wife have got to love, care and be sensitive to each other's needs. They must support and encourage each other. They must take the marriage vows seriously. There seems to be too many couples who do not hold these virtuals and they end up filing for divorce. Husbands are you faithful, supportive and loving towards your wife? Do you love your wife as Christ loves the church? Wives do you love and enourage your husband? Do you compliment your husband?

If not then examine yourself! What did you do to hurt your spouse? I know your spouse is a low down good for nothing, scum of the earth irresponsible bum. However when you married your spouse he or she was the perfect soul mate. So what happened? Life! However if you start to return to the loving, compassionate supportive and understanding spouse, you'ld be surprise how your spouse will become more loving, supportive and understanding.

I have been thinking about adding this to my site since I've been getting a lot more email articals related to marriage. I hope you find the sites informative and helps to renew your marriage and love.

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